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Series image: for reference only

Y1, X1 safety AC ceramic dielectric capacitors

Climate category/flame retardant level: 40/125/21/B
operate temperature: -40℃~125℃
Capacity / loss test conditions: 1) Standard atmospheric environment; 2) 1Vr. m.s, 1KHZ/100KHZ
Dielectric loss: NP0/SL:≤2.5‰(Cr≥50pF);≤5‰(5pF≤Cr<50pF) Y5P、Y5U、Y5V: ≤2.5%
Capacity range: 5pF~4700pF
Capacity Tolerance: J: ±5% K: ±10% M: ±20%
rated voltage: G Type:250VAC/400VAC (50/60Hz);K Type:400VAC/440VAC (50/60Hz)
Terminal to terminal withstand voltage: 4000VAC
insulation resistance: ≥10000MΩ (500VDC)
Material: CH、SL、Y5P、Y5U、Y5V
flame retardant epoxy resin: UL94V-0
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Company Profile: Company Profile.pdf
Electronic: 易利嘉产品目录.pdf
RoHs Report: 瓷介电容 Y电容(环氧包封系列)RoHS2.0 SHAEC22004422301 2022.12.9.pdf
REACH Report: 瓷介电容 Y电容(蓝色环氧包封系列)REACH224+10 SZXEC2204139301 2023.1.6.pdf
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