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Self Control Protector

Manufacture: LANSON
Product Type: Self Control Protector
Ampere Rating: 12A/15A/30A/45A/60A
Voltage Rating(DC): 36V/62V/80V
volume: 4.0*3.0mm、5.4*3.2mm、9.5*5.0mm
Interrupting Rating: 50 Amperes at 36V DC(12A/15A)
Interrupting Rating: 80 Amperes at 62V DC(30A)
Interrupting Rating: 120 Amperes at 80V DC(45A)
Interrupting Rating: 160 Amperes at 80V DC(60A)
UL: E221465
Testing Standard: UL248-1 /UL248-14
Solering Method: Reflow soldering 260℃,5s max
Operating Temperature: -10℃~+65℃
surface shell: LCP
bottom substrate: alumina ceramics
Environmental certification: specification complies with the ROHS Directive
Packing Quantity(PCS): 5000PCS/reel
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Data Sheet: LANSON_SCP.pdf
Electronic: LANSON_Product_Catalogue.pdf
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