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Series image: for reference only

1206 Slow-Blow SMD Fuse

Rated Current(ADC): 1A 1.25A 1.5A 2A 2.5A 3A 3.5A 4A 5A 6A 6.3A 7A 8A 10A
Rated Voltage: (1A-10A):63V
Melting characteristic: Slow-Blow
Safety Approval: UL:E56092
Breaking Capacity: V =63V DC ; I=50A
Size: 1206(3.2mm*1.6mm)
Structure &Material:
Substrate: Alumina Ceramic
Adhesion layer: Epoxy
Fuse element: Cu Alloy / Sn
Terminal electrode: Cu / Ni / Sn
Protective coating: Flame-retardant epoxy
Marking coating: Flame-retardant epoxy
Nominal Melting I2 t: I2 t
1A: 0.259
1.25A: 0.405
1.5A: 0.583
2A: 1.036
2.5A: 1.619
3A: 2.332
3.5A: 3.174
4A: 4.145
5A: 6.477
6A: 9.327
6.3A: 10.283
7A: 12.696
8A: 16.582
10A: 25.909
Environmental Characteristics:
Operating Temperature: -55℃~150℃
Storage Conditions: 10℃~40℃
Solder pad size and welding conditions:
Preheating: 145 ± 15℃, max. 120 sec
Soldering: min. 220℃, max. 60 sec.
Maximum temperature: 260±5℃, max. 10sec.
Rework Temperature (hot air equipment): 350℃,3~5seconds
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