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1:Our mall can provide purchasing services for scarce components without charging any service fees. You can fill in the above information to complete the order.

2:For purchasing orders, the mall staff need to confirm the price with you after completing the inquiry, complete the order price, and then pay for the order.

3:Purchasing products requires a certain procurement cycle. Generally, domestic spot goods are delivered in 2-3 days. Foreign spot goods are delivered in 5-10 days. There is no spot inventory. The delivery time is subject to the supplier's reply.

4:Due to the considerable changes in the inventory of electronic components, the mall does not guarantee that the purchase will be successful in the end.

5:Products purchased on behalf of others are not eligible for 7-day unconditional returns if it is not due to reasons from our mall.

6: ECCN restrictions: Due to the restrictions of U.S. high-tech export control regulations, there may be certain devices that are informed during the purchasing process that they cannot be exported to the Chinese market. Our customer service staff will notify you to cancel the order as soon as possible. Please understand.

7: Tariff issues: According to national customs regulations, some non-integrated circuit components may require an additional 5%-20% tariff. If the products you ordered require additional tariffs during customs declaration, our customer service staff will We will notify you promptly and ask you to cooperate in paying the additional customs fees.

8: Overweight problem: Under normal circumstances, the mall bears the international shipping costs for purchasing ICs and components, but some large and overweight devices may involve additional international shipping charges, which you need to pay. Our customer service staff will notify you in time and ask you to cooperate in paying the freight.