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High power thick film SMT resistors, with their ability to withstand high power and high temperature environments, have become indispensable key components in many electronic devices. Like Lizhi resistors, as a well-known brand in the field of electronic components, Lizhi has always been committed to the research and production of high-quality high-power thick film SMT resistors. The CH1206, CH1210, and CH2512 series products are widely used by many equipment manufacturers due to their excellent performance and stable quality. Today, Huanian Mall will mainly explain some model applications of these three series resistors.

The CH1206, CH1210, and CH2512 series high-power thick film surface mount resistors are professional products designed by Lizhi Electronics for high-power application scenarios. This product model adopts advanced thick film technology and special material formulas, with characteristics such as large power capacity, high temperature resistance, and good stability. These three series of products have a wide range of resistance values and can meet the needs of different application scenarios, such as models CH2512FBR750G, CH1206F31R80G, etc., all demonstrating excellent performance. Taking CH2512FBR750G as an example, this is a resistor with a resistance value of 7.5 Ω, which adopts a large 2512 package size, has higher power capacity and better heat dissipation performance, and is very suitable for use in high-power and high-temperature electronic devices. The CH1206F31R80G is a resistor with a resistance value of 31.8 Ω, using a small 1206 package size, which is very suitable for micro electronic devices with limited space.
In addition to the above two models, models such as CH1206J30753G and CH1210F21000G also have their own characteristics. For example, CH1206J30753G is a resistor with a resistance value of 30.7k Ω, which adopts the J accuracy level and has higher resistance accuracy and stability, making it very suitable for application scenarios that require high resistance accuracy. CH1210F21000G, on the other hand, is a resistor with a resistance value of 210 Ω, which adopts the F precision level and also has excellent performance.
These high-power thick film SMT resistors have undergone strict quality control and testing in their design and manufacturing processes. Lizhi Electronics focuses on every aspect from raw material procurement to production process control, to quality inspection of finished products, ensuring that every resistor can meet or even exceed industry standards, and providing customers with stable and reliable electronic components.
In terms of application, Lizhi high-power thick film SMT resistors can be applied in power circuits, motor drive circuits, etc. Basically, they can be applied in industrial automation, automotive electronics, aerospace and other fields. If you want to learn more about Lizhi resistors, you can follow our Huanian Mall, or feel free to ask our technical staff any questions you have.


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