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With the increasingly mature office and commercial lighting markets, high PF, low harmonics, low cost, no flicker, high light efficiency and other needs have become the first choice for users. In order to meet the requirements of users for efficient energy conservation, high reliability, and miniaturization of power drives, Onbao Electronics has grandly launched a new generation of 40W Boost+Flyback application structure, the two-stage efficient strobe free GaN solution OB3674P+OB8652V, based on the traditional two-stage isolation high P no flash solution.


Figure 1 Application diagram of OB3674PJP+OB8652V system


OB3674PJP is a highly integrated follow-up boost PFC constant voltage scheme with built-in Comp capacitors. The chip adopts a unique demagnetization detection method and high-voltage self power supply, and adopts a single winding design without the need for auxiliary windings. The chip adopts quasi resonant BCM operating mode and following patented technology, which can meet the requirements of high PF, low THD, sub harmonic, and high efficiency.


OB8652V is a high-precision two winding, low PF primary side feedback constant current control GaN LED controller. The chip adopts a quasi resonant valley bottom conduction operating mode, greatly reducing switch losses and improving power efficiency. The internal integration of GaN FET in the chip reduces the size of transformers in traditional two-stage application schemes by increasing the system operating frequency, thereby reducing transformer costs and achieving the goal of reducing system costs. The chip utilizes high-voltage power supply technology to meet user startup time and low standby power consumption requirements.



The efficiency of the OB3674P+OB8652V system in the 40W two-stage efficient stroboscopic free GaN scheme is shown in the figure:


Figure 2: OB3674PJP+OB8652V System Efficiency



Performance characteristics:


PF > 0.95, THD < 5%


Output without flicker, meeting the latest EU ERP standards


System efficiency>91% or above


Flyback chip supports dual winding applications without the need for auxiliary windings


The flyback chip has a built-in high-voltage start, with a start time of less than 0.5S and a standby power consumption of less than 0.5W


The flyback chip is internally integrated with GaN FET, with a maximum operating frequency of 250KHz


Both stages of the chip adopt a quasi resonant BCM operating mode, with high efficiency


Wider load output voltage: 21V~42V


Reliable output open circuit and short circuit protection, over temperature and current reduction function


Excellent output current linear adjustment rate and load adjustment rate



The OB3674P+OB8652V have been shipped in large quantities. Please contact the local sales personnel of Anbao for relevant information and demonstration plans.



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