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Current sensing resistor, also known as current detection resistor or current sampling resistor, feeds back the flowing current to the power management IC, which then judges and acts. Today, we will introduce Litteluse current sensing resistors. Litteluse is an industrial technology manufacturing company that specializes in product design areas such as fuses, fuses, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, power management, etc. It has gained widespread market recognition. Today, we will introduce Litteluse's new product, the current induction resistor CSR product.


Litelfuse current sensing resistors are classified as follows:(Selection and online purchase)

1. Metal foil surface mount resistance


a. Four terminal surface mount resistor: L4CA/L4CC/L4CL


b. Epoxy resin metal foil surface mount resistance (long electrode): WLTC


c. Metal foil ceramic surface mount resistor (long electrode): WLTM


d. Epoxy resin metal foil surface mount resistance (standard electrode): WSTC


e. Metal film ceramic surface mount resistance (standard electrode): WSTM


f. Pure metal plate surface mount resistance (standard electrode): WPB/WPC


g. High current jumper meter resistance (standard electrode): WJC






The application market of Litelfuse current sensing resistor:


1. Automotive electronic products


2. Electric vehicle (2-wheel 3-wheel electric vehicle)


3. Home Electrical


4. Consumer Electronics


5. Industrial automation


6. Electric tools


7. New energy/energy storage, charging piles



The advantages of Litelfuse current sensing resistors are as follows:


1. Overcurrent protection


2. Voltage monitoring


3. Current measurement


4. Power control



The new Litteluse CSR product series expands the company's portfolio of circuit protection solutions, deepening Litteluse's investment in current and voltage monitoring. Each of the eight CSR models is a metal foil, metal strip, or metal plate resistor with high accuracy and low resistance rating, suitable for measuring current in circuits.


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