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The Tian'er TH series is a thin film high-power precision resistor with high precision (0.1%), high power (1W), and a minimum temperature coefficient of up to (10ppm/℃). The TH series metal film high-power precision resistors combine the high precision and low temperature characteristics of traditional thin film precision resistors, as well as the characteristics of traditional high-power resistors. They are widely used in high-end electronic products, automotive electronics, instruments and meters, etc. This article provides a detailed introduction to the electrical characteristics and selection parameters of the TH series thin-film high-power resistors of Tian'er Technology, as edited by Huanian Mall.




The main characteristics of TH thin film high-power precision resistors are as follows:


1. High precision, with a maximum accuracy of 0.1%


2. High power, with a maximum power of up to 1W


3. Low temperature ticket, the lowest temperature drift can reach 10ppm/℃


4. Compliant with Rohs, halogen-free




The main application markets for TH thin film high-power precision resistors are as follows:


1. Computer and peripheral products


2. Communication equipment


3. Measuring instruments and meters


4. Converter



The main selection parameters and electrical performance of TH thin film high-power precision resistors are introduced as follows:


The above is the main characteristics, selection parameters, and electrical performance testing conditions of Tian'er Technology TH thin film high-power precision resistors introduced by the editor of Huanian Mall. If you need to learn more about product applications and product ordering, please consult online customer service.



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