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Model selection list and online purchase address for the RM series of alloy chip resistors: click on the image to enter



This article focuses on a comprehensive introduction to the parameters and performance of the AM series of Lizhi LIZ alloy chip resistors:


The RM series of alloy chip resistors have the following characteristics:

1. Excellent resistance temperature coefficient

2. Excellent ground temperature electromotive potential energy

3. Meet RoHS and halogen-free requirements

4. The protective layer material meets the UL-94-V0 flame resistance level


The AM series of alloy chip resistors are applied as follows:

1. Power supply unit

2. Laptop computer

3. Automotive Electronics

4. Battery charger

5.Battery protection board


7.Telecommunication equipment


The Naming convention of the material number of the AZ LIZ brand alloy patch resistor AM series is as follows:

AM 2512 F B R010 G M
Type Size Tolerance Rated Power Resistance Value Packing Code Material


The electrical characteristics of the Lizhi LIZ car gauge alloy SMD resistor AM series are as follows:

Type AM1206 AM2512
Rated Power 1/2W、1W 1W、1.5W、2W
Temperature Characteristic TCR/(ppm/℃) +25℃~+125℃:±50ppm +25℃~+125℃:±50ppm
+25℃~+155℃:±65ppm +25℃~+155℃:±65ppm
Dielectric Strength >100mΩ >100mΩ
Temperature operating range -55℃~+155℃ -55℃~+155℃
Resistance accuracy range 1%,2%,5% 1mΩ~50mΩ 1mΩ~100mΩ


Lizhi LIZ car gauge alloy chip resistor AM overall dimensions:

Type RM1206 RM2512
Size L(mm) 3.20±0.20 6.40±0.20
W(mm) 1.60±0.20 3.20±0.20
T(mm) 0.6±0.20(2mΩ≤R≤50mΩ) 0.6±0.20
E(mm) 0.5±0.20(2mΩ≤R≤50mΩ) 2.00±0.20(R≤2mΩ)


The performance parameters of the Lizhi LIZ car gauge alloy chip resistor AM series are as follows:

Ltem Test Methods Specification Limits
Temperature coefficient IEC60115-1 4.8 As Spec.+25℃~+125℃:±50ppm/℃
High temperature storage MIL-STD-202 Method 108 <±1%
Low temperature storage IEC60115-1 4.23.4 <±0.5%
Temperature cycling JESD22 Method JA-104 <±0.5%
Short term overload IEC60115-1 4.13 <±0.5%
Moisture resistance characteristics MIL-STD-202 Method 103 <±0.5%
Load life MIL-STD-202 Method 108 <±1%
solderability J-STD-200B test B Min 95%coverage
Resistance to soldering heat IEC60115-1 4.18 <±0.5%
Mechanical shock MIL-STD-202 Method 213 <±0.5%
Vibration resistance MIL-STD-202 Method 204 <±0.5%
Terminal bending IEC 60115-1-4.33 <±0.5%
Terminal Strength IEC 60115-1-4.32 <±0.5%
Thermal Shock MIL-STD-202 Method 107 <±0.5%
Flame retardancy UL-94 /
ESD test IEC 61000-4-2 <±1%


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